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The Luxury Home Experts are transforming the way Cleveland’s wealthiest sell ┬átheir estates.


Your home is a work of art. The Luxury Home Experts aggressively defend a premium price by producing, packaging, and promoting a homes unique story through internationally awarded marketing materials.


We create value by finding and engaging buyers. As a creative marketing team we have a myriad of tools to make these connections. Your property is packaged to the media, the masses, our strategic partners, and your target buyers.


We stay busy researching, traveling, interviewing, brainstorming, sketching, writing, designing, shooting, editing, coloring, printing, promoting, pitching, publishing, and analyzing in an exhaustive effort to sell your Home.


There is no day like closing day. You know you’ve done everything to defend value and draw attention to your home. The buyer can’t wait to move in and you are free to start your next adventure wherever the world might be calling.

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